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Facade of the mini hotelThe garden viewFacade of “So storony sada”The garden viewHall of “So storony sada”Appliances at “So storony sada”Bathroom at “So storony sada”Bedroom at “So storony sada”TV at “So storony sada”Another bedroom at “So storony sada”Table tennisKitchen at “Domik”Bedroom at “Domik”Appliances at “Domik”Bathroom at “Domik”Entrance to “Persik”Веранда “Persik”Bedroom at “Persik”Another bedroom at “Persik”Appliances at “Persik”Bathroom at “Persik”Common kitchenOutdoor veranda around “Bezh”Bedroom at “Bezh”Appliances at “Bezh”Bathroom at “Bezh”Outdoor veranda around “Bordo”Bedroom at “Bordo”Appliances at “Bordo”Bathroom at “Bordo”Facade of the mini hotel

Clean Rooms. Fair Rates. Convenient Location

We are located in five minutes walk to the sandy beach and another fifteen—to the city center. All rooms are the most comfortable. We can competently schedule a pick-up, provide our guests free Wi-Fi and free CCTV parking. We always give a lot of fun for children and adults. Just rest and just as pleasant as it has to be.How to get to us